26 March 2010

Paypal Launched in South Africa - Ecommerce Websites set to Boom!

What we have taken for granted for so long in the UK, has finally arrived in South Africa. Paypal the largest internet payment solution in the world has signed and agreement with FNB to make their payment solution available in South Africa. Johannesburg - FNB announced on Thursday it has entered an agreement with global e-commerce group PayPal to make the service available to the group's South African banking clients.
The agreement would enable FNB customers to sell to PayPal's global customer base of more than 81 million active accounts and move the proceeds to their FNB accounts, the bank said.
"This new service allows customers to top up and withdraw funds to their qualifying FNB accounts from their PayPal accounts," a statement read.

"We are especially pleased to make this announcement on the eve of the 2010 Fifa World Cup, as South Africans will be able to join the global e-commerce marketplace."
 We are expecting a surge in the amount of e commerce websites, as now any one can sell their goods online. So if you have always wanted to broaden your client base, how does 81 million new customers sound to you?
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